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 When Robert Bilton decided to open a brewery in Innisfail, he wanted a name that reflected a legacy. Although a relatively new entry into the world of craft beer, Field and Forge Brewing Co. has a long history preceding it’s opening in June 2019. In 1890 William Shirley Bilton set out from Ontario shortly after the Trans Canada Railway was finished to look for a piece of land to  homestead. He traveled west to Calgary where he rented a saddle horse and headed north east to an area called Knee Hill Valley and applied for a homestead close to Innisfail, Alberta. 127 years later this piece of land is still farmed by great grandson Leigh Bilton, growing prized malt barley, canola, and wheat. The Field in the brewery name is taken from the legacy of this original homestead. And the Forge? Robert Bilton has run a successful welding company in Innisfail for over 25 years. Combining the history of farming and the welding company to create the name Field and Forge seemed an obvious choice.


In a continuation of the family commitment to the Central Alberta region, Field and Forge is committed to supporting the local community by providing jobs, diversifying the local economy and adding value to agricultural products. Furthermore, Field and Forge supports other craft brewers meeting their capacity demands through contract brewing to help them build their own brand.

However, in spite of Field and Forge having deep roots in the community, they are fully committed to the pursuit of the highest quality and consistency. To this end, they have invested heavily into the best brewing equipment from around the world, with high levels of automation and quality control. The staff are experienced and fully engaged into all that this project brings to Central Alberta. And to complement the brewing, Field and Forge has its own gastro pub, designed by Fort Architecture and a menu designed by an award-winning chef.

At Field and Forge you will find a fun, collaborative group that not only contributes to the hipster beer world, but that William Bilton would be proud of.

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