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Contract Brewing

Here at Field & Forge Brewing Co. contract brewing for other brewers is an integral part of what we do. Whether you’re getting ready to enter the market, already have a brand or looking to expand your brewing capacity, we are built to assist. With a state-of-the-art brewery along with an eclectic brewing team, Field & Forge has a lot to offer anyone searching out partner brewing services.


All brewing starts with good water; all water that enters the Brewhouse is softened, carbon filtered and sent through reverse osmosis, so it is free of all unwanted minerals to create a clean slate prepared to build water profiles for any brew.

Our Equipment

Proudly running a Canadian made fully automatic 25HL Brewhouse, where recipes can be preloaded and brewing targets are never missed. The Brewhouse also sports both a decoction and sour loop as well as the ability to cool wort prior to the whirlpool for added hop efficiency.

Fermentaion Tanks
Contract Brewing Equipment


German engineered centrifuge allows us to dial in any desired level of turbidity whether the beer is to be crystal clear or milkshake hazy and takes out any large solids as well as increases bright beer  volumes. A 0.5 micron cartridge filter is an additional option to help ensure nothing unwanted sees the bright beer tank.

Carbonation & Brite Beer

A FizzWhiz and a Pentair O2/CO2 meter assist in ensuring carbonation is always accurate and the packaged product is free of dissolved oxygen.


Our cellar has 1500HL of fermenting capacity to offer in batches ranging from 25-100HL

Centrifuge Filter
Beer Canning


The brand new German engineered Krones Craftmate is an industry leader in craft beer canning capability. 24 head counter pressure fillers ensure carbonation stays in solution even at high volumes of CO2. An inline X-ray scanner ensures seams and low fills are always in good order.

Alongside the canning line; an all in one keg washer and filler allows us to effectively counter pressure fill kegs in a timely manner without loss or waste.

Looking through a microscope

Quality Control

A MSc graduate in Chemistry in charge of an advanced craft beer lab, provides comfort that all your desired specs have been hit during any brew. The lab is also an option for anyone who is interested in simply testing their beer brewed elsewhere.

Beer Line

Partner Brewing

Recipe development and pilot brewing system. Whether its simply advice you are seeking or a complete recipe build, we are here to pool knowledge and help make the perfect beer.

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