CORE BRANDS                            12 OZ    16 OZ 

light golden ale                                 $4.5     $5.5

Light gold, refreshing and flavourful. 

IBU 21 4.2 % ALC/VOL

PILSNER                                                $4.5      $5.5

Crisp, refreshing and classic.

IBU 35 5.0% ALC/VOL

PALE ALE                                               $4.5      $5.5

Balanced, fresh, and fruity.

IBU 54 5.4% ALC/VOL

belgian ale                                          $4.5      $5.5

Refined and aromatic, an easy drinking Belgian ale.

IBU 18 6.0% ALC/VOL

IPA                                                        $4.5      $5.5

Refreshingly well balanced with citrus and floral aromas.

IBU 62 5.8 % ALC/VOL

field & Forge flight of beer                 $8

small batch

premium light lager                           $4.5      $5.5

Light and refreshing with a hint of sweetness.

IBU 8 4.0 % ALC/VOL

AMBER LAGER                                          $5      $6

Fresh bread and biscuits come to mind upon first experience, continued with delicate notes of caramel and sweetness.

IBU 22 5.0 % ALC/VOL

brown ale - NEW!                                 $5      $6

Lightly carbonated with touches of chocolate, coffee and biscotti. IBU 24 4.5% ALC/VOL

dry stout                                              $5       $6

Nitrogen charge brings a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, complimenting notes of chocolate and coffee.

IBU 8 5.0 % ALC/VOL



FALLENTIMBER MR PINK                        $5.5      $6

Honey, fresh apple and raspberry. Naturally gluten free.

6.8% ALC/VOL

uncommon- dry craft cider                        $6.5

Our flagship cider! It's a clear golden cider with a floral and fresh orchard aroma and a strong finish of fresh-picked apple and juicy white grape acidity. This cider is crisp, dry, and very crushable!6.5% ALC./VOL. 

Uncommon- haskap apple cider                  $6.5

This uncommon cider gets its flavour and gorgeous blush colour from an uncommon berry- the haskap, a sweet-tart blue fruit. This cider has notes of pomegranate, plum and fruit leather, with a great pink colour. 6.7% ALC./VOL.

ol' beautiful - darlene                               $6.5

This lovingly crafter cider takes inspiration from the joys of adventure. An ever rotating stock of apples sourced from a variety of locales guarantees a perfectly tart cider with a refreshingly dry finish. 5.5% ALC./VOL.


WHITE                                                  8 0z

(Ask your server for details)

By the bottle $30 

pinot grigio                                    $7

Chardonnay                                   $7


(Ask your server for details)

By the bottle $30

CABERNET SAUVIGNON                          $7

malbec                                                $7


RAIL HIGHBALLS                                      $6

stoneheart vodka

stoneheart gin

captain Morgan white rum

Captain Morgan Spiced rum

Canadian club rye

PREMIUM HIGHBALLS                     1 OZ      2 OZ

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN                               $8        $12

POLISH SOBIESKI ESTATE VODKA                  $11        $15

JACK DANIELS TENNESSEE WHISKEY             $8        $12

JIM BEAM DOUBLE OAK BOURBON                $9        $14

PATRON TEQUILA                                        $11        $15


CAESAR- Vodka or gin                                          $7

SUNSET- Orange juice, cran juice, Sprite, vodka       $7

MOJITO- White rum, mint, and lime                         $7


Shirley temple - Orange juice, sprite, grenadine     $4

house brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate      $3

juice - Orange, Cranberry, Apple                             $3


Flavoured lemonade -  Ginger lime, Lavender, Ginger $4

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