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Beer Pumpkin Soup

Beer Pumpkin Soup

1 Pie Pumpkin (or canned pumpkin puree)

1 Medium Onion - Diced

1 Large Carrot – Peeled and Diced

2 Ribs Celery - Diced

3 Clove Garlic – Minced

16oz Field and Forge Premium Light Lager

1 L Chicken Broth

1tsp chopped fresh thyme

*Optional - 1 Cup cheddar cheese

  • Preheat Oven To 400. Cut your pie pumpkin in half, remove the seeds and pulp. (Saving seeds if you wish to use them as a garnish) Place cut side down on a parchment lined sheet pan and roast in the oven until fork tender.

  • While your pumpkin in roasting, prep your remining vegetables. Sauté onion, celery, and carrot in some oil or butter until soft. Add garlic and sauté 1 minute.

  • Add your beer and bring to a boil.

  • Once your pumpkin is fork tender, scoop the flesh from the skin.

  • Once your beer has boiled, add your roasted pumpkin, fresh thyme and chicken broth.

  • Bring to a boil and simmer until all your vegetables are tender.

  • In a blender or using a stick blender- Blend your soup until smooth. At this stage you can adjust your consistency by adding some water or more chicken broth.

  • Transfer blended soup back into a pot, season with salt and pepper to taste.

  • *Optional – Add 1 cup cheddar cheese

  • *Tip – Wash the seeds from your pumpkin, roast them until golden with a little oil salt and pepper. Garnish the top of your soup with the roasted seeds.

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